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From custom painted flames or shaved door handles on your prized Muscle Car or Hot Rod to fabricating an antique vehicle from nothing more than a shell, Customization and Fabrication at American Street Dreams, Inc. allows us complete creative freedom to show off our talents. It is during this process that we design cutting-edge, one-of-a-kind vehicles.

You don't have to be a millionaire or celebrity to have us create a state of the art custom vehicle using our Virtual Concepts. Before the first weld or plasma cut, we can show you exactly what your dream will look like down to the pin striping at every angle. Customizations and Fabrications epitomize "fun" and are inspired as your imagination allows. There is no right or wrong; your passion knows no boundaries.

Every rod American Street Dreams, Inc. builds is a package of cutting edge design, modern up to date technology, and user-friendly ergonomics. These components are at the cornerstone of every project produced, and the only way the team of automotive experts at American Street Dreams, Inc. works.

Depending on your desire to be involved, interaction in this venue is potentially high. We encourage our customer's involvement in every decision. At American Street Dreams, Inc. designing, developing and engineering your ideal customized or fabricated vehicle is at the heart of our core business. We can create vehicles driven purely from your imagination.

The process begins when our sales team works with you to understand, qualify and then quantify your expectations. Once the methodology between both parties is understood, you will be supplied with a written quote describing estimated labor, shop materials, and parts. All of our custom service costs are reflected by the time spent into the piece, materials, and consumables we use to make the modifications or fabrications. If you have any ideas or suggestions, contact us; we take pride in building other peoples dreams.

At American Street Dreams, Inc. we can do the little touches or the big changes that will customize your car to make it more personal and individually unique. From Frenching the tail lights...

...or the license pocket...

...to fabricating a complete console and A/C vent system.

we have the resources, knowledge, and expertise to make it exact and correct for you.

All this happens on site, including prep and painting in our unique one of a kind paint booth. Specially designed and built for us in the Hot Rod and Restoration segment, this booth allows us to paint the entire vehicle at once, or completely disassembled in many pieces for ease and consistent application.

While these transformations are taking place on your pride and joy, all steps are captured digitally and referenced in your personal "Baby Book", showing the step-by-step process.

To complete your experience, we can professionally design and supply a "Show Car Poster" of your vehicle and it.s specific attributes. When your rod is completed, you could drive straight to the local cruise in or car show.

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