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Nearly everyone would agree - the most time efficient and financially sound way to any destination is a plan and a great road map.

We believe this especially true for building custom or modifying any vehicle, or just for designing a special paint scheme. Visualizing an idea is where it starts - not knowing how it will look when it's finished is usually what happens. Very few can actually conceptualize a completed piece. Phrases such as - "show me" - come to mind. The bottom line is, most of us need to see it. So typically car enthusiasts see hand illustrated car concepts in every issue of their favorite rodding magazine.

American Street Dreams, Inc. has taken designing our customer's dreams to the highest visual point possible. Within this Virtual Concepts section of our web site, no area of these images are real. Not the car, nor the backgrounds. Isn't it amazing!!! Let us help you visualize your dreams.

Using 3D technology, we build our customers Virtual Concept Vehicle first. Once we've taken your ideas and build it virtually, you can see it in any color, from any perspective, with any add-ons, or modifications - before the first cutting torch is lit.

Before we purchase the first component, you'll know what your dream will materialize to, as it comes to life. Engineer and finesse it many times to get it right - execute once. The cost is minimal and worth every penny as this becomes the ultimate build sheet.

This is how it's done:

First, choose the donor car, or base vehicle style. Next, give us the philosophy, or concept you would like: nostalgic, pro-street, retro, slightly modified, or a combination of all. Also, gather thoughts and ideas of paint color and schemes, exterior trim, and tire and wheel set-ups. With your involvement, the possibilities are endless and exciting; or you can just sit back and let us drive the ideas.

With the direction decided, we will start by modeling the vehicle shape you've requested.

Next, we begin adding on or taking out elements of the vehicle, adjusting and modifying the shape and features. Finally, we add color, rims, and trim to create your ultimate dream.

Our goal is to make your experience as enjoyable as driving your car. We do it right, we do it on time, and we guarantee our work. If you have an idea or dream, contact us and let us help you with your next project.

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